About Us

The First Independent Electrical and Illumination Engineering Team in New Zealand.


Developing quality solutions that are sustainable, economic and environmentally sensitive.

Every possible option is always well considered using a long-term view to optimise the outcome so every design will be safe, long-lasting and energy efficient, both for the end user and the environment.

Lighting design should not be a loss-leader for selling products or expensive ongoing maintenance programmes. The correct approach and solution can not only create a better environment for those using the space but reduce; the possibility of over engineering; failures and maintenance hours; which could save thousands over the life of the installation.


Value of Free

Established in the early 1990’s as New Zealand’s first independent illumination and electrical engineering team. Being entirely independent of lighting manufacturers, developers and construction companies, LDP are free to consider the very best solutions for their customers.

It is this freedom from corporate directives and linear thinking that enable LDP to deliver solutions that consider economic, environmental and social factors.


Once the brief and the scope of the work is agreed upon, LDP will interpret and support the architectural expression to create visual conditions appropriate to function maintaining Human Centric factors – ensuring lighting is designed with a long-term vision front of mind.

Our Skills

The LDP structure encourages team members to help each other achieve shared project and organisational goals with a common uncompromising approach to quality and real pride in our truly independent standing.



Utilising our teams broad experience across many different fields a thorough assessment of the project is completed and the best strategy is selected.



After careful consideration of all the project factors recommendations are made that are fit for purpose, environmentally conscious and sustainable over the life of the equipment.



Making sure everything that is specified is installed to the correct tolerances and operating effectively.

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