Gateway Bridge Arches Lighting

Enhancing Gateway Bridge with world-class design

Project Description

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) recognised the significance of the bridge at the intersection of Memorial Avenue/Russley Road (SH1) as a gateway to Christchurch.LDP were chosen to design a world-class lighting installation to enhance the Arches.

Design Brief

The NZTA provided the following lighting brief to LDP:

1. Provide a lighting design which would complement the iconic bridge structure and provide a great experience for locals and visitors.
2. Ensure safety for motorists and pedestrians.


Design Considerations


During the course of design the following limitations were established:

Safety for road users The arches span two major roads – Russley Road (State Highway 1) and Memorial Avenue. Limiting potential glare and distraction to road users was a fundamental and challenging criterion.
Safety for air traffic The proximity to Christchurch International Airport required careful consideration to avoid obtrusive light to aircraft.
Geometry The progressive change of shape of each arch creates a gradually changing face providing a challenge to light evenly. As each arch rises, the profile rotates.
Installation The final location of each luminaire foundation and its related electrical conduit had to be finalised before the ground works were completed as specific engineered openings had to be made in geotextile materials as they were built.

Senior Project Manager, NZTA

We are delighted with the results and confirm that LDP have indeed met our brief and enhanced the Arches, and helped to create a legacy and Gateway to the City of Christchurch.

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