Light Survey and Measurement

Quality outputs need verified inputs


Our comprehensive suite of light measurement equipment combined with our deep understanding of lighting science and its biological effects allow us to accurately survey and review the lit condition of a project environment, from reflectance properties of in-situ materials, to colour quality of light sources, to final lux readings at the task area.


LDP are a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council and hold ISO System Certification and Jas ANZ Qualifications.

Our work

We offer a comprehensive range of lighting surveys.

Fully Backed Service

Modern, well maintained, and laboratory calibrated in accordance with industry guidelines and best practice.

Mobile Survey Rig

Proprietary mobile light survey vehicle to undertake semi-automated large-scale light surveys of sports fields, indoor facilities, rail platforms, roads, and other applications otherwise usually completed with manual techniques.

Electrical Inspection

Electrical asset inspection for conformance with AS/NZS 3000 by in-house registered electrical inspector.

Surface Reflectance Review

Measurement and review of in-situ or test surfaces to identify reflectance properties to minimise risk of obtrusive light reflections or for use in modelling Software.

Spatial Surveys

Hand-held laser measurement of luminaire mounting heights, site layouts, column audits.

Very Low Light Level Surveys

Measurement and assessment of effects of very low light levels and spectra on ecology e.g. bats.

Tunnel Measurements

Measurement of tunnel portal luminance in accordance with AS/NZS 1158.5:2014

Human-centric Lighting Review

Project compliance review with WELL Building Standards, encompassing glare control, visual comfort, circadian lighting, effective melanopic lux, lighting controls.

Luminance Surveys

Measurement of brightness of self-illuminated advertising screens, lit signs, building facades and other surfaces for compliance with local authority requirements.

Spill Light Surveys

Measurement and review of obtrusive light in the form of spill light, viewed light source intensity, light trespass and glare to residents.

Illumination Surveys

Spot checks or 100% survey of buildings, sports fields, indoor facilities, infrastructure, daylighting applications, or public spaces to establish initial conditions at project instigation, or determine compliance with applicable standards post-construction.

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